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Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month with Diverse and Empowering Reads!

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month with Diverse and Empowering Reads!

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May 31, 2023 at 10:00:00 PM

Hello, fellow Booknerds!
As June arrives, so does LGBTQ+ Pride Month!

Hello, fellow Booknerds!

As June arrives, so does LGBTQ+ Pride Month!

It's a time to celebrate and honor the voices and stories of the LGBTQ+ community. And what better way to spread awareness than to read books by authors about the community?

In this edition of our Booknerds newsletter, we're thrilled to bring you a curated selection of diverse and empowering books that explore various aspects of LGBTQ+ experiences.

From classics to modern gems, poetry to Indian authors, we've got a little something for everyone. So, without further ado, let's dive into our vibrant book recommendations!

1. Classic LGBTQ+ Gems

"Giovanni's Room" by James Baldwin:
Step into the world of forbidden love and self-discovery with this timeless classic. Baldwin's beautiful prose and exploration of sexuality, identity, and societal expectations will leave you breathless.

"Orlando" by Virginia Woolf:
Woolf's whimsical tale takes us on a fantastical journey through time and gender. Follow Orlando's transformation from a young Elizabethan nobleman to a woman across centuries, defying conventional notions of identity.

2. Modern Must-Reads

"Less" by Andrew Sean Greer:
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, this charming and humorous novel follows the misadventures of Arthur Less, a failed writer who embarks on a trip around the world to avoid attending his ex-lover's wedding. An exploration of aging, love, and acceptance, this book will warm your heart.

"Red, White & Royal Blue" by Casey McQuiston:
Fall head over heels in love with this delightful romantic comedy that imagines an unexpected love story between the First Son of the United States and a British prince. Full of wit, banter, and swoon-worthy moments, it's a book you won't be able to put down.

3. Poetry that Speaks Volumes

"Crush" by Richard Siken:
Siken's poetry collection is an emotional rollercoaster, a raw and honest exploration of desire, love, and the complexities of same-sex relationships. His words will seep into your soul, leaving an indelible mark.

"Don't Call Us Dead" by Danez Smith:
A powerful and breathtaking collection of poetry that confronts issues of race, queerness, and mortality. Smith's lyrical prowess and unflinching honesty make this book a profound and essential read.

4. LGBTQ+ Voices from India

"The Devourers" by Indra Das:
Set in both contemporary Kolkata and historical Mughal India, this captivating novel weaves together elements of fantasy, folklore, and queerness. It explores the complexities of identity and desire while drawing upon Indian mythology and history.

"Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East" by Benjamin Law:
Join Benjamin Law on his journey through various Asian countries as he explores different LGBTQ+ communities and experiences. This enlightening and heartwarming book sheds light on queer culture in a diverse range of societies.

Time to Show Your Pride!
We hope these recommendations bring joy, enlightenment, and a sense of celebration to your Pride Month reading list. Remember, the power of literature lies in its ability to broaden our horizons, foster empathy, and create connections.

Let's honor and amplify diverse voices not just during Pride Month but all year round. Speaking of diverse voices,

Team Booknerds just got our hands on two of Amol Redij’s books!

We are most excited about “Silent Moments of Melancholy”,a book consisting of 66 poems written. Through masterful storytelling and eloquent verse, the author captures a multitude of human emotions like despair and angst and the battle that wages within.

The second book is 69: The Otherwise Poetry. Through his poems, the author describes a range of feelings associated with love- intimacy,passion, and lust but also the grief and desolation that come with heartbreak. This book will have you swooning and at times eyebrow-raising at the alluring.

We will report to you with our thoughts soon. But till then, stay bookish and proud.

And until the next time, Happy Reading!

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