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Love in Trying Times - Booknerds x Wolf Books

Love in Trying Times - Booknerds x Wolf Books

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March 9, 2023 at 6:30:00 AM

Hey booknerds!

Here is a Collection of Short love Stories.

Hello Booknerds!

For this week we have picked up a new book called Love in Trying Times, and we can’t wait to share our reading experience! A compilation of ten short stories by ten women authors from different walks of life, this book has swooped into our list of favourites.

The book seeks to redefine love in literally the most challenging times. For instance, a few short stories from the book “Fate, Time and my dear Champa” penned by Enakshi J. and “Love, Love, Love” by Sangeeta Deshpande focus on narrating the experience of love during challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. There were also a couple of other stories, namely “Mango Showers” by Enakshi Biswas, “A Letter to Fatema Bano” by Sukanya Sharma, and “The secret bond of lies” by Sreeparna Sen that threw light on the bonds which were severed and rekindled during the Partition. “The Boy with a stutter” by Adarsh Rachana Tirkey brilliantly captures a queer experience as narrated by a teenager.

Let’s now delve deeper into this intriguing read and have a look at the ten articulate authors of the book.

Enakshi Biswas, the author of the short story “Mango Showers” strongly believes in the power that words wield. She believes in the magic of words and aspires to sow the seeds of thought-provoking ideas in the minds of her readers. Her story narrates the tale of Joba, who when abandoned by her lover, goes on the quest for her own identity.

Sangeeta Deshpande’s “Love, Love, Love” is an entertaining read concerning love in times of covid. Written in a first-person narrative, it articulates the importance of marital vows. Deshpande, a mother of two, and a soft skills trainer by profession brilliantly exhibit her storytelling skills in this lighthearted read.

Taniya Roy’s “The Flutist” is one of those stories which send a shiver down your spine. Roy, besides being a writer, is a feminist and a parent, who also happens to be an avid reader.

Sukanya Sharma’s “A letter to Fatema Bano” is truly one of the most poignant and beautiful stories in the entire book. As mentioned earlier, it throws light on how several lovers were parted and had their hearts broken during the partition. Sukanya Sharma admits that though she isn’t a regular writer, she writes only when something touches her heart. Needless to say, her story has been a heartbreaking read for us.

Enakshi J, the author of “Fate, Time and my dear Champa” won the Most Influential Woman Award in 2020, organized by Spirit Mania. She is an author, educator and traveller by profession and her story concerns the hardships faced by helpless migrant workers during the pandemic.

Adarsh Rachana Tirkey is a radiologist by profession but needless to say, anyone who has read her short story “The Boy with a stutter” will ascertain that she is also a brilliant author.

Next up in the book, we had Sreeparna Sen, yet another woman who has an entirely different profession but who is drawn to the world of literature by her love for reading. Her “The Secret Bond of Lies” is a touching short story set against the backdrop of Partition.

Prachi Sharma’s “Love in the times of Crime” turns out to be quite a gruesome read. She makes use of engaging dialogue and manages to keep you hooked till the end. Besides being a crime novelist, Sharma is a bookworm and also a feminist, an editor and a clinical pharmacist at the same time.

Oindrila Gupta has completed her Masters from Cardiff University in Magazine Journalism. Currently engaged in the social sector, she has faith in the power of the masses. Her “Women in Medias Res” depicts a tale of some fiercely independent women who are triumphant in their little ways.

Hailing from Bangalore, Soumya Bharathi is a writer and a blogger who believes in the power of words too. An oral surgeon by training, she finds writing to be her life’s passion. Her story “Beyond the Glass door” is sure to melt your heart.

“Romance is not always about those passionate songs, dances, kisses, and lovemaking. As sunlight enters raindrops and emerges as rainbows, love enters the soul during tough times and brightens life. It doesn’t take away the problem, but it eases the journey. With the right partner, one can tide over the most grueling hours, my dear.”

This is a quote from the short story “A Secret bond of lies” by Sreeparna Sen. We at Booknerds felt that this quote captures the essence of the book Love in Trying Times. In times of uncertainty, relationships can test something beyond love from each of us and can shape us into completely different beings altogether. And that’s exactly what this book explores. Thus, regardless of whether you are a romantic or not, this book is something I would suggest you pick up today!

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