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Reading Resolutions, Book Clubs And New Genres!

Reading Resolutions, Book Clubs And New Genres!

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January 2, 2023 at 6:30:00 AM

Explore a world of books with our guide to new genres, book clubs, and reading goals.

As the new year begins, we are abrim with excitement and anticipation for all the adventures and experiences that await us. It is a time to set new goals, make new resolutions, try new things, and explore new horizons. And what better way to do all of this than with a good book?

As book lovers, we all know the excitement of starting a new book and the thrill of getting lost in its pages. We have all experienced the joy of discovering a new author or genre and the satisfaction of finishing a book and sharing it with others.

But sometimes, it can be easy to fall into the same old habits and stick to the same familiar books and authors. That is why, this new year, we encourage you to challenge yourself and try something new.

New books and genres to explore

Perhaps you can resolve to read more diverse books or explore genres that you have never tried before. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, historical fiction - the possibilities are endless.

Maybe if you are a thriller fan, try reading a slow-paced self-help book this year. If you are a romance junkie, try some historical fiction with inspiring dialogue.

And if you need some inspiration, here are a few recommendations to start the year off with a bang:

"The City We Became" by N.K. Jemisin

A thrilling and imaginative novel about the struggle of six diverse characters to save their city from a mysterious and malevolent force.

"The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah

A sweeping and emotional historical novel set in Nazi-occupied France, following the lives of two sisters and their fight for survival.

"The Silent Patient" by Alex Michaelides

A gripping psychological thriller about a woman who stops speaking after committing a shocking crime, and a therapist who is determined to uncover the truth.

"Red at the Bone" by Jacqueline Woodson

A poignant and powerful novel about the intertwining lives of two families, spanning generations and tackling themes of race, class, and family.

Things to try out this new year

This year brings you opportunities to try new things.

Here are some cool tips and tricks we recommend you try to become a better and more versatile reader:

● Join a book club: One of the best ways to motivate you to read more and meet like-minded book lovers. You can join a local community or online book club to discover new books and share your love for reading.

● Set a monthly target: Maybe even a yearly target would do. But the point is to have a goal and stick to it religiously. Even if it means you read four comic books a month to meet your target! It is the thought that counts, reading even one new book a year is progress.

● Create a blog or Bookstagram page: This might be a personal preference, but it would be amazing to get out of your comfort zone and start a blog. It will help you showcase your love for reading and maybe even monetize it smartly!

Summing up

We are so glad that you have resolved to read some new lit this New Year!

Why not take a chance on a new book this year and spread the love for reading?

You never know what you might discover and what new adventures might be waiting for you between the pages of a good book.

See you next year with new books and new memories.

Let us know your reading resolutions and what genres you plan to try this year.

Happy reading!

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