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Author Interview | Tijara's Mystery Codes by Hemma Myers Sood

We spoke to author Hemma Myers Sood about her latest book Tijara's Mystery Codes.

Hema Myer Sood was born in New Delhi and studied in Bengaluru. She uses a pen name for her books and workshops: HEMMA MYERS SOOD.

At 29, she released her first book, The Eternal Ocean of Brahma, which conveys the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita imbibed through intuitive perceptions of the waves of the ocean. She received notable reviews and was compared to Newton and Archimedes for her extraordinary perceptions and unique insightsof the waves of the ocean. A revised version of this book called The Oceanic Geeta, was released in October 2020.

Some of her early books, published by Indmark Publishers, are being currently revised. Her sixth book, Karmic Cords, is a poignant narrative of the author’s personal loss of her sibling.

The Karmic City trilogy, released in 2015 and 2019, comprises of Karmic City: The City of Lord Brahma, Karmic City: The City of Lord Vishnu and Karmic City: The City of Lord Shiva. The trilogy depicts the ascension of the soul at different levels of consciousness. It portrays profound insights into ancient Indian philosophy, interspersed with mystical poetry. The well-known erudite Maharaja Dr Karan Singh has written an articulate Foreword for the trilogy.

Hemma has successfully completed a course on ‘Writing Fiction’ from the prestigious Oxford University, and her ninth book, Tijara’s Mystery Codes, is uniquely interwoven with historical fiction, murder, palace intrigue and clairvoyance.

She is a certified Reiki Grandmaster (2001), a Money Reiki Grandmaster (2020) and a Karuna Reiki Master (2021). She uses Reiki symbols in her meditative writing to imbibe mystical cosmic knowledge. Over the past decades, she has honed her psychic skills to attune to higher realms. She teaches all three levels of Reiki,Money Reiki and Karuna Reiki.

She is an Akashic Records Reader and Trainer and empowers people in learning to read their Akashic Records through online workshops. She has channelled a unique Invocation Prayer that facilitates her access to the fabled Halls of Amenti; the domain of the Akashic Records in the Cities of Light in Hollow Earth.

She has been practising channelling since March 2009 and has channelled over 700 messages. The Gratitude Channellings are a series of seven books that depict unique and enlightening messages from the higher realms. She has created an extraordinary five-hour weekend online workshop on Channelling, and expounds her personal experiences of channelling over 12 years. A guided meditation will lead you to higher dimensions and standardized instructions will assist you in honing your Channelling skills.

In early 2021 she channelled over 200 symbols from the seventh dimensional Unicorn Collective Fleet. She has created The Unicorn Oracle Cards using these potent symbols and imparts detailed knowledge about each symbol.

Divine Unicorns is a unique WhatsApp course, which she was mysticallyguided to formulate. This course imparts esoteric knowledge, channelled symbols and powerful distant attunements for each Unicorn symbol.

She is a US certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner – and she elucidates the unique benefits of this ancient Hawaiian ritual of Forgiveness in personal sessions. She efficaciously practices Tarot Cards, Runology and Chaldean Numerology to manifest abundance and success for her personal growth and empowerment. She ingeniously combines the Dowsing Pendulum, Crystal Ball Divination during her online sessions. Shedesigns personalised Crystalline Grids using the principles of Sacred Geometry, and divine energy matrixes.

Hemma is a Certified Access Bars Practitioner and Energetic Facelift Practitioner. She practises QuantumHealing to manifest her/others’ deepest desires. By connecting to Quantum Fields, we can create powerful vibrations tomanifest our deepest desires. When she commenced healing sessions with Saint Germain’s Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation, she experienced a sense of déjà vu and empathy. The Master Reconnection modality enhanced the functioning of her 6th and 7th senses and augmented her 8th sense faculties.

She is a Star Seed from Planet Sirius. She is a Keeper of the Earth’s Grid. She has connected to multiple past lives during the Atlantean and Lemurian Eras and imbibed esoteric wisdom. As an Atlantean High Priestess, she had unique talents, telepathic gifts and has worked with the Unicorn energies in past lives. She is a Way Shower and a Way Illuminator and intuitively guides her clients with personalised Akashic Record readings which are ingeniously combined with their natal charts, and Sacred Sites by using Cosmic Codes.

Hemma Myers Sood lives in Goa with her family. She practises meditation, chanting, yoga and pranayama daily. She enjoys walking amongst Mother Nature to receive inspirational insights for her motivational writing.

Here is an excerpt from our interview with the author.

Booknerds: Our mythological epic texts have shaped our present ideology. The Mahabharata has had a greater impact on shaping our lives and changing our values. All of these beliefs have passed on from generation to generation. It is a didactic text speaking primarily about establishing dharma. Why was it significant to include excerpts from the Mahabharata in writing the book and use them as evidence? Hemma Myers Sood: The ancestors of the Tijara Fort Palace — Maharaj Susharma and his princely brothers — fought in the fratricidal war of Kurukshetra as allies of Duryodhana. They played a crucial part in leading Pandava Prince Arjuna far away from the battlefield when his son Abhimanyu was deceitfully attacked in the Chakravyuh.

Millennia later, similar deceptive tactics are unconsciously adopted during the nineteenth century by Maharaja Vinay Singh, and again in the twentieth century by one of the descendants of the Crown of Tijara. This narrative of deceit, infamy and palace intrigue is a connecting thread between the three timelines that are narrated in the book. They create an infamous trait in the family’s bloodline that often rears its ugly head and leads to subterfuge and deceit.

Booknerds: Sanjay was murdered, poisoned or perhaps he died because of the curse on the Amrita. These are the probabilities presented by you, and kept as a suspense till the end of the book. His mysterious disappearance gave rise to an investigation where readers can suspect murderers but cannot fully confirm.Was it necessary for Maharaj Mahadev to burn all the papyruses after everything happened? What would have happened if he had burned them all earlier? Hemma Myers Sood:The Maharaj presumed that the curse was a mythical story passed down over millennia to dissuade royalty from concocting the elixir. But when Dr. Sanjay Kirti is mysteriously killed, Maharaj Mahadev fears that the curse could afflict his wife and daughter who had partaken of the elixir. He now fears that his wife and daughter’s lives are in danger, and that they may succumb to the curse. Intense fear swamped Maharaj Mahadev’s mind, and this fear had an inherent power of aggrandizement where it magnified and distorted reality. Maharaj Mahadev started believing that manifold evil calamities will afflict his family. In a moment’s weakness, he succumbed to his growing fears and burnt the papyruses, since he feared multiple deaths. He did not burn them earlier because they held an inexplicable awe in his life as they offered him a possibility of agelessness. This fascination of the papyruses led him to concocting the elixir covertly.

Booknerds: The Tijara Fort’s minute details are intriguing, with secrets hidden within each carving. Similarly, Golconda Fort, Agra Fort, and Mehrangarh Fort were designed with purposeful intricacy, each communicating a message. Forts like these were designed to transmit important signals. What else could have been the definite purpose of such carvings in forts? Hemma Myers Sood: These carvings are a beautiful way of ornately recording the prevalent culture and traditions for posterity. Carvings in temples and forts give deep insights to the architectural designs prevailing at that time. The carvings also portray valuable and definitive sequence of events that enable historians to chronicle suitable data for compilations. Carvings depict the message of the Maharajas and are a systematic way of depicting the historical data of the era when the fort was constructed. Since Tijara fort palace remained incomplete after the tragic death of Maharaja Balwant Singh, minute details were not added. The majestic fort palace remained incomplete till its restoration work commenced by the Neemrana group.

Booknerds: A realistic tone is a crucial part of historical fiction. What goals did you set for yourself when writing Tijara’s Mystery Codes to make it more distinct and impressive? Hemma Myers Sood:I spent a lot of time in research since I did not want to misrepresent historical data. The Mahabharata epic is always remembered by readers with details of the main protagonists who occupied important roles in the narrative. Very little is known about Maharaj Susharma, and after reading different versions I was able to create a series of events that were historically correct. These narratives gave immense depth to the book that is TIJARA’S MYSTERY CODES. My main goal was to depict my psychic talents through an engaging storyline and give credibility to these natural talents that humanity possessed millennia ago. We often read in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata epics about people conversing with Gods and Demigods and receiving supernatural boons. Yet none of us believe that we can connect to higher beings and receive enlightening wisdom from them. Our natural ability of Clair cognizance,clairvoyance, and clairaudience that was widely prevalent in primordial days is attainable today, if we consciously strive to augment our psychic abilities. This is a reality for all of humanity and not fiction! This is one the main messages I am trying to convey through this book!

Booknerds: “Dad nodded thoughtfully and enquired whether the Maharaj would allow them to manufacture the elixir. As the custodian of the papyrus, the Maharaj’s patronage would not extend to me if I were to manufacture it. I recalled the disastrous meeting on 6th December when the Maharaj dismissed the curse as a myth.” The Maharaja does not believe in the curse associated with the elixir and claimed it as a myth according to the above quote from the book. What are the possible reasons that distinguish myth from belief? Hemma Myers Sood: The word ‘myth’ connotes influential stories that have created a significant impact on listeners. These are born in bygone eras or primordial times and are passed down through the ancient tradition of storytelling. The word ‘myth’ also signifies that these stories may be primarily created for a socio-cultural impact and are not necessarily true and portray authentic data. Often innovative tales are fabricated to impart moral values or to convey traditions and etiquette through generations.

Booknerds: Rajkumari Mansi always wanted to lead a contemporary lifestyle. According to her, she should be the ascendant of the Tijara’s throne as she was the eldest child, but Maharaj and Maharani disapproved of her wish and told her that her brother shall be the crown prince. Women during those times did not possess any right over their fathers’ assets. Have we broken this bias and moved forward in contemporary times? Hemma Myers Sood: Yes, I definitely feel that women’s empowerment is on the rise and has significantly risen since the past centuries. In today’s world, women enjoy a greater degree of freedom that was available to their grandmothers or great grandmothers.There is a marked shift in many families to divide the ancestral wealth equally amongst the sons and daughters. In the last century, we do not find the prevalence of this trend except a few cases. With the advent of technology and other major influences in urban lifestyles, life as we comprehend it will experience major shifts in the coming decades. There is definitely an upsurge in women’s freedom of thought and lifestyles.

Booknerds: On the verge of attaining great success, we often overlook major drawbacks that come with it. The Amrita has been cursed twice, the first time by Madri and the second time by Rao Raja Balwant Singh. Then why weren’t the Papyruses consisting of formulations destroyed during that time? Why did Maharaj Mahadev try to formulate the elixir Amrita again inspite of knowing it was cursed? Was his greed driving him to do so, and what could have been the possible reason? Hemma Myers Sood: Humanity is always enchanted by the thought of partaking of an elixir which confers vitality and longevity! Maharaj Mahadev was no different and had secretly harboured this fatal attraction for immortality since the year 1947 when his grandfather had shown him the silver casket laden with jewels and the papyruses. Mahadev was fascinated by the existence of the papyruses that held the secret formula for the elixir. Even though he feared the curse, yet he decided to take a chance and formulate the elixir in an effort to lengthen his life span. There are many reasons why he concocted the elixir and the reader will gain a broader perspective in the upcoming sequel of the book. Presumably every reader will conclude according to their comprehensions of the storyline.

Booknerds: Maharaj Mahadev and Sanjay both were well informed about the curse associated with the elixir Amrita. But Maharaj’s children didn’t know. Why did Sanjay not stop himself even after knowing the truth? Who was to blame for Sanjay’s death: Maharaj, Mansi or Sanjay himself?

Hemma Myers Sood: Sanjay learned about the curse a few days before he died and he was trying to leave Tijara Fort Palace once he decoded the penultimate papyrus. The question of who was to blame for Sanjay’s death will be better comprehended after reading the book. There are a lot of subtle nuances that have led to his death. This explanation will be a spoiler if I elaborate it here without giving a detailed background of each person and their roles.

Booknerds: “Maharaj was spending lakhs of rupees on an Elixir to prolong his life, while a handful of miles away the government hospital languished in decrepitude.” This seems to be a trend which is true even right now wherein many leaders are self-centred and often forget the purpose of their ascent to power. What is your outlook on leadership? Hemma Myers Sood: This statement refers to Maharaj Mahadev and does not have any reference to the present-day scenario which is nearly five decades later. The third timeline is a work of fiction and does not allude to anyone’s personal life and their actions. Judgement is a personal perspective and my book does not refer to any leader’s lifestyle. I believe that everyone follows their inner guidance as they strive towards excellence for the greater good of the planet.

- Team Booknerds

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