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'HER SECRET'- A literary joyride full of deception and drama!!

Launching into the new year with Ashok Bhasin's latest "HER SECRET"! I had become a serial Romantasy reader these past few months, and 'Her Secret' finally got me out; it has been nothing short of a literary joyride!

Picture this: a tapestry of deceit tangled with the glitz of ambition and the shadows of greed, with the center-stage performer being the financial drama. Summary:

The novel follows Natasha, the CFO of a company, who suddenly comes into possession of 3 million US Dollars without much knowledge of its origin and faces the dilemma - How to make this go away?!

The story splits into multiple POVs following the intricacies of the Hawala network while the ED plays a vital role. The money passes many hands, but as the events unfold, we are taken on a wild ride as the ED's investigation progresses. I won't spoil the secret for you, but just a little hint as to what you should concentrate on while reading the book -

Who took the money, and why?

Who are the people trying to help, and who are the ones with their agenda?

Has greed and passion taken over their good intentions? Likes and Dislikes:

Bhasin effortlessly explores the enigma of the Hawala network, infusing every chapter with the pulse of clandestine transactions. One of my favorite things about the author's books is the portrayal of strong, intelligent women in positions of power. Unlike the previous books by the author, this one offers us a peek into the protagonist's background, making her relatable to the audience. Another aspect I enjoyed was how well thought & deep the plot was; the author kept us glued to our seats. We also get a glimpse of the deep-rooted corruption in the system while learning about the workings of ED.I couldn't help but notice a few minor grammatical hiccups, which were quite distracting. However, they didn't hinder the overall experience. Final Thoughts:

Here's the kicker: "Her Secret" isn't just your average thriller. It's a dazzling exploration of corruption and deceitfulness. The characters, caught in this inconspicuous game of financial cat and mouse, spill the tea on trust issues and the fine art of juggling ambition without tipping into the criminal abyss. Overall, I would highly recommend HER SECRET to fans of thriller and suspense novels. The fast-paced plot, subtle feminism, engaging writing style, and exploration of politics, ED, and the Hawala Network make it a must-read. This book also made me wonder how I would have acted in a similar situation. Would you give in to greed or take the high road?

To know more, grab a copy from Amazon and kickstart this year with a bang!

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