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Mysteriously dark tales surrounding Elixir Amrita !

Mysteriously dark tales surrounding Elixir Amrita

Tijara's Mystery Codes by Hemma Myers Sood

“I curse that anyone who creates the Amrita or consumes it will die a horrendous death!” remarked Rao Raja Balwant Singh.

In Hemma Myers Sood's novel Tijara's Mystery Codes, the magically cursed Amrita and the mystery of the Tijara fort are mentioned. The author created a more realistic timeline by combining three eras (5000 years ago, 1835, and 1977). It all started when Maharaj Mahadev broke open Rao Raja Balwant Singh's silver casket, which was passed down the royal line to succeeding generations. The Papyrus had several formulas for creating Elixir Amrita. Sanjay has been assigned the duty of deciphering these enigmatic codes. Things, however, did not go as planned.

Crimes of Tijara

All the crimes, conspiracies and age-old broken relationships of the royal family started to unravel during the investigation of doctor Sanjay's mysterious death. DSP Siddhartha Kumar aka Syd is the mystery solver, his intuitions revealed various truths about Tijara Fort and the universe. Syd came as a saviour to Maharaj; he explains his children are born this way because of karma, “They choose their parents in accordance with the expiation of their past karma and past karmic connections. The soul with the maximum karmic debts is born as the father...”

The monarch's son becomes king according to Indian hierarchical rules. Rajkumari Mansi was a liberal thinker who lived in the modern age. She aspired to be Tijara's ruler, breaking all tradition. Maharani Ambika has refused her demand, explaining that a man can only succeed his father as a monarch. She responds to Maharani, “I don't want to leave Tijara. This is my home and I don't want a husband from a princely family. I wish to marry a man whom I love! I want to be Maharani of Tijara Fort.”

Mansi was enraged by this denial and now she desired the Amrita elixir formula. To have it , she has to engage with Doctor Sanjay, the Amrita creator. She got engaged with whomsoever she thought would assist her in ascending the throne. Sanjay was infatuated by the charm of Rajkumari. However, he denied providing her with any formula. The hatred and anger pushed them to commit atrocities. Sanjay knew he wouldn't live after the incident.

On a parting note to his father he wrote,

“I have learned to celebrate every moment of being alive! Life is God's gift, live it fully. Don't be afraid to be true to yourself! Seek your soul mission and life purpose!

A wonderfully enthralling read for anyone who likes mysteries, crimes, suspense, and thrillers. With each page turn, the novel gets more intriguing and captivating until it reaches the conclusion. Only in the Navami chapter did all the secrets begin to unravel, and the real murderer was revealed. The actual suspense comes from the suspects, as any individual could be a murderer.

- Team Booknerds

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