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Unique Fantasy World, Impactful Characters and Expressive Writing

Updated: Apr 8

A unique fantasy realm, a fight against the dark forces, complex characters and a gripping writing style sums up the book - Sword and Flame: the Afterthought of a Dream by GC Nightwalker. The book starts with hauntingly beautiful prose and then continues with the story of the Immortal Swordsman, the actual narrator of the book.


The writing style appeals to the fantasy genre. The descriptive prose and vivid imagery transports the readers to the fantastical world of Sword and Flame. The author has also included illustrations in the books, made by him, which helps the reader to get an acute sense of this world. These were perhaps one of the most unique things in the book.


Although the storyline unfolds from multiple perspectives, it's the Swordsman, who steals the spotlight. He is an ex-criminal whose destiny changes one fateful night, giving him immense supernatural abilities. His background story gives his character much more depth and makes him a fan-favourite. The other character, Amax, has such a heart-breaking background that the readers can't help but sympathise with him. The side characters are given the spotlight and ample space to shine. They keep the plot entertaining.


The world-building by the author is phenomenal, as he includes dark angels, 'glitched' people, magic and more. The brother-sister duo represents the strength and love of siblings. The fierce protection and unwavering sacrifice make the storyline wholesome. The bright and flashy theme of the book, with multiple planets, weaves a vivid picture in the minds of the reader. The element of Greek mythology is an unexpected but much-appreciated addition to the story. It adds nuance and depth to the characters and the storyline. The narrative is action-packed, infused with humour and unique enough to keep you hanging at each word.


Since the book is less than 100 pages, it is easier to finish. Yet, it also felt like the storyline rushed in parts, and lacked a detailed description of the world-building. The narrative is rich with potential but needs to be better fleshed out. Overall, the book is a perfect addition to your bookshelf for those looking for a mix of mystery, fantasy and entertainment. It's a journey through myths, legends and the extraordinary.

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