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The finest readers from across the globe love us because we understand the reader mindset

Booknerds Community

Check out some of the features tailor

made by our team of readers for you

Discuss your favourite books

Talk about your favourite books in real-time and get different perspectives, create  better understanding, learning and sometimes experience just pure happiness and joy

Live Audio Book Hangouts

Read that favourite excerpt from a book you are reading, share the reading journey or simply read together on distraction-free audio hangouts

Meet your favourite authors

Ask your favourite authors about their writing process, character development, editing process, publishing hiccups, upcoming projects and tours and more

Share Book  Memes

Create and share memes about the books you are obsessed with or disliked with your book buddies and spark conversations or just have some plain fun!

Book Democracy

Rant about the Books you didn’t like, we appreciate and support your freedom to express your displeasure with the content of a book but be nice!

Banned Books

Books are being banned left, right and centre.

We provide you with a safe space to discuss banned books.

Express your concerns about the freedom to read and discuss the books that are being banned across the globe

Create your book community

Curate and create your book community to discuss books about your favourite genres, author or book series

Recommend books and share your TBR

Readers are always on the lookout for awesome books and what better than coming from an actual reader? Share your TBR, bookshelf and reading progress.

Share your BookToks and Book Reels

Celebrate and talk about your dearest reads by sharing quick book videos,booktoks and book reels

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Find other book communities and book lovers

The joy of discussing books in intimate interactions with readers who have experienced the same book as you is unparalleled.

Find book communities which echo your book ethos or sometimes not!

Experience intellectual stimulation in a way that no other experience can provide

Real-time discussions and engagement

Experience a levelled up  book community experience with instant opinions and interactions

VIP access to eminent/celebrity authors

Get exclusive access to celebrity and popular authors and pick their brains 

Audio and Video Live Events

Be a part of live book club sessions, writing workshops, author sessions and more

Discounts from accomplished bookstores

We get you exclusive discounts from your favourite bookstores

Exclusive Writing and Reading Workshops

Develop the reading habit or transform into a writer yourself with our top-notch reading and writing workshops by publishing industry experts

Get featured on Booknerds Official Pages

The best book communities to be featured on Booknerds official pages and website

Booknerds Verification and Rewards

Become a booknerds verified community by reaching 1000 readers and get rewards for being active on the Booknerds Community platform  

Book Giveaways and Contests

Win books and bookish goodies with fun quizzes and book contests

Exclusive access to upcoming books

No, we are serious, our publisher friends in collaboration with us make the magic happen and give you access to highly anticipated books before everyone else!

Join the Booknerds Community  and explore awesome  book events,  engaging book recommendations and captivating live sessions

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