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Newsletter: 15th September 2023

Newsletter: 15th September 2023

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September 15, 2023 at 6:30:00 AM

"Celebrating Agatha Christie" is a delightful tribute to the legendary Queen of Crime.

Celebrating Agatha Christie

Every year, we come together to celebrate the works of Agatha Christie and the mystery novels that left us stunned. From counting down characters’ deaths in And Then There Were None to guessing the criminal minds behind Murder On The Orient Express, we cherish various books by her.

Few people know of the poignant psychological novels written by Agatha Christie and her contributions to literature as Mary Westmacott. Under this pseudonym, she has written many psychological mysteries and children’s books.

In total, she has penned 75 novels, which includes 16 short story collections. Her works have been outsold only by the Bible and by Shakespeare’s works.

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Notable and Cherished Characters

Agatha Christie is known for her unique characters, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Of the two, Hercule Poirot is a popular Belgian detective who uses his little grey cells to solve crimes and mysteries.

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She is also influential in literary circles for her mysterious death. Most people remember it to this day as a crime novel in itself to figure out how she orchestrated her death.

Beyond the grave

Yes, Agatha Christie is alive in our hearts and through her books. But she is also alive through her niece, Sophie Hannah. Several of her books are being completed and published posthumously by Sophie Hannah and we get to continue cherishing Agatha Christie’s works.

Some evergreen mysteries that hold a permanent place on our bookshelves include -

It is interesting to note the Dame’s presence on channels such as the English Riviera. This is an experience presented to fans to stay in one of the properties she frequented to draw inspiration to write.

There are several other places as well that provide fans with the true Agatha Christie experience. There are even facilities to travel the routes Agatha Christie frequented and visit Torquay, her birthplace in the UK.

Benchmark novels

Agatha Christie has brought various tropes into a trend. Be it the countdown of deaths for a group of people (notably seen in The Decagon House Murders) or the trope where one person is suspected throughout the novel only to be proven innocent at the end.

She is also known for inspiring more novels to this day with her works. Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney is a recent addition to the isolated setting with a countdown of deaths trope. Indeed she has left a benchmark for authors to follow and live up to!

Plays and More

Agatha Christie’s plays are very popular and have been rewritten as screenplays. The scripts are relevant and engaging to date and some plays such as The Mousetrap are still running! Yes, even decades later, the love and amazement while watching these plays remain evergreen.

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Over to you! What’s your favorite Agatha Christie novel which you cherish to date? For us, it would indubitably be The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd owing to its new narrative voice and unexpected twist at the end!

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