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Amar Chitra Katha: Authentic Tales of Mythology, Moral Values, Humour and Hilarity!

AMAR CHITRA KATHA The “Amar Chitra Katha” publication delivers promising and authentic tales of mythology, moral values, humor and hilarity. These stories express various emotions bound with the allusion of prestige in upholding ethics and explicit good human faith. The entire fictional universe in the story engrossed readers in a manner to not let them escape until curiosity is met with its pinnacle toward its end. Some stories portray eminent characters from mythological ‘Purans’ or ‘Granths’ but the delivery reveals an untold saga known to few. The folklore in the comics with titles “Great Plays of Kalidas”, “Funny Folktales”, “Adventures of Krishna” and “Animal Tales of India” delivers different mesmerizing and interesting stories.

“Great Plays of Kalidas” The 4th century poet-dramatist, Kalidas stories are filled with drama, romance and longing for an adventure. The love story of Urvashi and King Pururavas was never an easy one as one was celestial being and the other was married mortal man but the love blossomed and faced many hurdles of non-acceptance by deities and society and went through the phase of separation but even the union holds an secret which shattered any possibility for embracing love forever. What is that secret? Will Urvashi and Pururavas live happily ever after? What happened in the immortal love story of Shakuntala and Dushyanta who were separated due to the curse of Sage Durvasa. How did Dushyanta recall the memories of her beloved wife when he was trapped through the curse and how will Shakuntala confined to her ill-fate be able to bring up her son, Bharat, who later became the great emperor and the country was named after him? The ill-fate followed Malavika when she, a born princess, was forced to lead a life of a mere queen’s maid in the kingdom of her beloved, King Agnimitra. Unknown to the identity of the queen’s maid, the king could not resist the attraction but the union is guarded by many forces. Their destiny is now relied upon by the clever Vidushaka, Gautam.

“Funny Folktales” The desire of earning wealth brought two friends Baddu and Chhotu away from their village to work and try their luck but life has something else in its storage for them. What will happen when the friends suffering from hard work try to get quick earnings by other means and how will the greed between friends cause trouble and source of more income? The horror tale of ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’ causes havoc when a fearless tiger becomes the victim of cruel beast, Bikal. But who is Bikal and why is a prowling tiger terrified of this forbidden name? In another world, Mukhia as a deal invites a Bear for dinner but ate all the Khichri? How will Mukhia and his wife save his life from the wrath of a hungry creature?

“Adventures of Krishna” The stories from Bhagwat Purana explore the venture and quest of Lord Krishna. The almighty god on the prayer and request of Indra agrees to fight with the Bhoomi Devi’s son, Narakasura when the latter forcefully snatched the ear-rings of mother of Devas, Aditi. The tale of Jarasandha being born in two halves from two different mothers and his rivalry with Lord Krishna to avenge the death of his son-in-law, the evil Kamsa, provokes a series of ever-praising events in mythological legends. The confusion and calamity caused due to the similarity in name resulted in misleading of the mighty but stupid kind of Pundra, the false Vasudeva who became pride and boastful for considering himself as the lord of the universe. But there is only one almighty lord but how will the lesson be learned?

“Animal Tales of India” A pious cat is set to go on pilgrimage for renouncing the way of the beast of prey by bathing in holy Ganga followed by peacock, pigeon and mouse but atlast remains the holy earthen ring, relic of lord Kedar. What happened during the journey? The frog went to venture out into the open but got attacked by a dull-witted crow. The sharp mind and quick-wit allowed frogs to get an escape from crow clutches but how? Or as the frog said, does crow need to sharpen his wit as sharp as his beak, is that true? And do you know why dogs stay inside master’s houses and pigs are not allowed inside? In the jungle, a battle for bathing in the pool brought two animals in a fight and the fight will be won by the animal that has the thickest hair. But what creature has thicker hair than an elephant?

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