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Book Review: Fat, Flat Or Fit? - Honouring and Respecting Our Bodies

With the rise in social media, we all have come closer to each other. We can keep updates on our friends and family and even celebrities. It feels like bliss until it becomes too much.

In this continuous drive for perfection, we must remember that the model looks different for everyone. We are all different, which makes us what we are. With the book Fat, Fit or Flat?!, you can learn about yourself and how your body works. The need for all of us to look the same is unnecessary and, frankly, impossible.

The book's author explains that with scientific explanations and suggests the best ways to live a good life with the way you are rather than trying to be like the misconstrued idea of perfect.

Let’s not lose weight!

The most extensive advice from the author is not to lose weight because not everyone needs to lose weight. Our bodies are more than numbers on the scale and do so much for us, from involuntary to voluntary actions. We need to answer the questions: Are we willing to be healthy or just interested in appearing healthy?

The building blocks

Knowing what goes on in our bodies and how to use it for the best, we need to understand the importance of various vitamins and minerals. Cutting out fats and carbohydrates is a disservice to our bodies because we need everything to function well. Understanding what suits us best is different from following a generic diet. We need all kinds of carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to perform well and do physical activity.

Affecting Factors

Food is not the only thing that affects our health; there are many other factors that we need to keep in mind. Proper sleep, stress management, and self-control are essential to a healthy body and lifestyle.


In the end, if you follow a proper plan, as mentioned in the book and the secrets shared by the author, you will see a tremendous change in your life. Our bodies do much more for us than we realize, so we must honour and respect them. All of this will take us through a metamorphosis of making any desirable changes we want for ourselves.

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