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Book review: STAY AWAY by Capt. Dheeraj Prakash

It has been a while since I read a novel that offered such a unique perspective and Capt. Dheeraj Prakash’s book - 'Stay Away' left a lasting impression with its two intertwined stories.

As a reader, you'll traverse a spectrum of emotions and turmoil alongside the characters as they navigate their lives. It was truly cathartic.

The novel unfurls through two narratives. In the first tale, we witness the chaos of youth, delving into the life of a young man entangled in the shifty world of gigolos. The author’s portrayal of Ranjit isn't judgmental; it's a mirror reflecting the allure of distorted thinking fueled by lust and an insatiable appetite for more.

"I don't hold any grudges against the youth; it's not entirely their fault. The issue lies in the way things are presented to them."

The story serves as an alarming reminder that our present decisions shape our future—a cautionary tale, both heart-wrenching and eye-opening.

In the next tale, 'Galat Kaun,' the author explores the intricacies of modern relationships. It's a story of four individuals and how the entry of a fourth person disrupts the harmony among them. The author skillfully peels back layers of entanglements, exposing raw emotions and the desperate quest for fulfillment and connection. I liked the precision with which the author has written about the emotions —the guilt and embarrassment of the characters. The tale keeps it unapologetically real, offering a glimpse into friendships and intimate relationships, and showcasing how minor misunderstandings can lead to the end of valued companionships. Perhaps, sometimes, it’s best to leave the past where it belongs.

If only the book delved deeper into each character's past, providing more nuance to the story, it would have been perfect!

So, if you crave contemporary drama and fiction that is both exciting and thought-provoking, add 'Stay Away' to your TBR now!

Lastly, as the author suggests—“move forward, love your partners, and stay away from unnecessary mess.”

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