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In The Corridors Of The Coaching Capital - Escape into a world of adventure with this page-turner

Escape into a world of adventure with this page-turner

Reading about a maths prodigy who attends IIT coaching at Kota may be old news. You might not even be intrigued to know the love of his life is at stake. How many books have we read with the protagonist being forced by his father and girlfriend to score well and become an IIT engineer?

But In The Corridors Of The Coaching Capital by Nikhlesh Mathur is different. Be it the premise or even the unexpected spiritual element, this book will take you for a ride! Why is it so shocking and impossible to put down? Let’s break it down for you.

The Plot The novel revolves around the life of Raasbihari, a young boy from a distant village. He is proficient in maths and can solve complex sums that even his seniors struggle to comprehend. This inspires his father to send him to Kota and pursue IIT coaching. He is further inspired by the village belle, Manjri.

Her father is set on marrying her to an IIT Engineer. This motivates Rassbihari to study harder and succeed in life. But several unexpected issues obstruct his goals - be it the extreme levels of ragging by his roommates or even his spiritual powers!

Yes, Raasbihari can see snippets of the future every time he touches a Hanuman idol. He can solve cases and save lives due to his timely foresight. But this causes the police and all the other characters to mark him as their prime suspect!

"I need to inform you that Inspector Suryapratap is handling both cases, he believes that you are in some way involved in forcing the two girls to commit suicide, he will call you again, be prepared."

The Characters The story is driven by its characters and their growth throughout the novel. Each character has unique traits and soon, you will begin rooting for them! Raasbihari is a determined boy who achieves amazing things when he puts his mind to them. But he is scared and indecisive when he realizes his supernatural powers.

This is where his mother and father come in to support him through thick and thin. The cherry atop the cake is Manjri, a woman he truly loves. She motivates him throughout the novel and even escapes from home to support him at Kota! The novel takes a feminist turn when she plays a crucial role at the climax of the adventure.

A Divine Intervention Out of all the relatable characters, the most unique one is Lord Hanuman! Raasbihari can see the future or brief glimpses of it every time he touches the idol. It is interesting to keep reading and find out what details he’s going to discover next and move the story forward.

For example, he can see a girl on the top of their university terrace preparing to commit suicide. But when he rushes to save her, nobody believes in his divine abilities and they accuse him of pushing her to commit the act. Every time he tries to help, the police pursue him first and he gets a bad reputation everywhere.

Realistic Concepts The most realistic aspect of the book is the coaching at Kota. Most of the students are not passionate about engineering and have arrived due to parental pressure. When Raasbihari offers to coach them, some parents clash with his teaching methods. The students also turn to rote learning in most instances just to pass exams.

It is also unique to see how the police treat Raasbihari. Readers will sit on the edge of their seats during the fight sequences and clashes with Raasbihari’s roommates. It is believable and the hero isn’t projected as someone who has all the answers always. We learn things along with him and Manjri when they get together.

It was indeed frustrating for Raasbihari to change the parents’ perspectives and preconceived notions about education. His honest counseling offended some parents and they clashed with him often. For them, getting their child into IIT was a status symbol as they tried to heal the pain of their unfulfilled dreams through their children.

Author Nikhlesh Mathur

An Epic Ending The climax is worth every page of the story. We learn that love can drive anyone to achieve great things and the story completes a full circle with mathematics. The young maths prodigy delivers a satisfying end for readers along with a sensible end to the criminal aspects.

This book is perfect for people who love crime thrillers but also want a touch of love and romance in it. It is also suitable for young readers who wish to get into the habit of reading a short and engaging book. The novel is ideal for people who believe in God and like spiritual fiction.

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