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Love In Trying Times - A Plethora of Perspectives Which Seek to Redefine Love

I have recently read a book called Love in Trying Times. I was initially a bit sceptical about starting it as I thought what if it's just another romance read? But guess what, the book was so intriguing in terms of its plot, and narrative structure that it has already made it to my list of favourites.

What makes Love in Trying Times so special? So this book is a compilation of ten amazing short stories by ten different women authors from different walks of life. As you can understand, it comes off as a plethora of perspectives that seek to redefine love. A few recurrent motifs of the short stories included in the book range from bonds severed and rekindled during Partition, navigating one’s identity in challenging times, experiencing love during the pandemic, and so on. The short stories are not only well articulated but also critically engage with the persistent themes in an elaborate manner.

A quick glimpse into the diverse narratives of the book: The first tale of this book, Enakshi Biswas’ “Mango Showers” narrates the tale of Joba, who when abandoned by her lover, goes on the quest for her own identity. Sangeeta Deshpande’s “Love, Love, Love” is an entertaining read concerning love in times of covid. Written in a first-person narrative, it articulates the importance of marital vows. Taniya Roy’s “The Flutist” gives a glimpse into the protagonist Shambhu Hira’s banal existence and discloses the reason behind his fondness for his flute. It is one of those stories which will surely send a shiver down your spine

Sukanya Sharma’s “A Letter to Fatema Bano” is truly one of the most poignant and beautiful stories in the entire book. throws light on how several lovers were parted and had their hearts broken during the partition. Enakshi J’s “Fate, Time and My Dear Champa” concerns the hardships faced by helpless migrant workers during the pandemic. It is a very well-articulated story and it might even break your heart. Adarsh Rachana Tirkey’s “The Boy With a Stutter” brilliantly captures a queer experience as narrated by a teenager.

Next up in the book, we had Sreeparna Sen’s, “The Secret Bond of Lies” which is a touching short story set against the backdrop of Partition. As its name suggests, Prachi Sharma’s “Love in the Times of Crime” turns out to be quite a gruesome read. She makes use of engaging dialogue and manages to keep you hooked till the end. Oindrila Gupta’s “Women in Medias Res” depicts a tale of some fiercely independent women who are triumphant in their own little ways. Soumya Bharathi’s “Beyond the Glass Door” is sure to melt your heart. The story teaches us how love can be a medium of perseverance during the toughest times in life.

Why do you need to read this book asap? Love can come in all forms. But love in times of uncertainty often shapes us into different beings. And that is exactly what Love in Trying times seeks to explore. Thus, regardless of whether you are a romantic or not, this book is something I would suggest you pick up today!

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