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Mainak Dhar’s latest book is a millennial’s leadership mentor!

Mainak Dhar’s latest book is a millennial’s leadership mentor! We all want to be better leaders—to not just achieve things for ourselves but to help lift others and give them the tools they need to achieve their goals. However, the first step to helping others is to help ourselves, to make sure that we’re safeguarding our progress and well-being on our path. How can we know what’s next in our growth, how to move forward, or recognize when it’s time to stay put for a little while? Mainak Dhar with his latest book, Leadership in 100 words, aims to fill the ‘mentoring gap’ faced by the current generation. The author has shared invaluable tips and lessons for becoming the best leader. Compiling his learnings from 25 years of his corporate career in terms of leadership skills and values in this book.

To check out the online launch of Mainak Dhar's Leadership in 100 words, click here. Leadership Bible The book focuses on exemplifying how a leader should work with a series of QnA which seems more a conversation than preaching! This could be anyone’s leadership bible, opening a random page every day and reading one question, and it might end up clearing your head about your current scenario. The author explains the relationship between acting like a leader and acting like a mentor, and what is more beneficial between the two. You could sense the expertise of the author in this field throughout the book.

The Art of Corporate Judgement The book also shares how the idea of this book started with simple feedback the writer gave to one of his colleagues. He was amazed by the simplicity, sensibility, and perspective of the writer’s advice and suggested he share his knowledge with others. Just like that, Mainak's first post was framed in 100 words and without much thought added a #leadership in 100 words. With restricted communication channels during Covid, the author began doing two things he enjoyed the most- writing and connecting with people. His posts became more frequent. He would help people prepare for their interviews, brush up on their resumes, guide them to the all-new scenario faced by the newly promoted leaders. With more posts, there were more questions and his # started gaining more traction. And a year later, his posts have reached more than 1M views on LinkedIn!His research and experience made him realize how important it is to have a mentor and how few of us have one! This is how the book was born, compiling his series of #leadershipin100words posts from LinkedIn tackling some common leadership challenges with simple bite-sized advice, one hundred words at a time.

Tiny Acts of Remembrance goes a long way Of the many things that hit home, the one worth mentioning is when the author states- Corporate leaders can earn a lot of money by getting the work done using their personnel, but only those leaders get success in the long run who knows how to care for their manpower. Being a corporate leader, his insights into leadership provide first-hand experience of more than two decades. The most unique and interesting thing I found was the reflection sheet at the end of the book- which forces one to recall why did they choose to read the book and what did they learn, another step to ensure the learning stays with them forever. On the other side, the book is a very general approach to very specific questions, It aims to take the place of a mentor figure in the reader’s life. Although it does a great job, sometimes the solution must be absolutely aligned to the actual work environment and it’s almost impossible for an outsider, that too a book, to cover person-specific use cases.

Leadership Mentor on the go The book is like a personal mentor for anyone who wants to hone their leadership skills and wants to become a good leader. Leadership skill is vital as it not only helps in personality development but can also help in career advancement, The author's words are motivating and inspiring and they will surely help you in becoming a true leader who people would want to follow and would remember for a long time, hence this book is a must-read for anyone who believes in self-growth and development.

About The Author An alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad, Mainak Dhar engages with his ‘day job’ in the corporate sector, leading teams and businesses for a major multinational firm, he has published more than 20 books in both fiction and non-fiction category. His books have been translated into Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, German, and Portuguese and have been bestsellers in India and abroad including the Alice in Deadland series, Brand New Start, and Sniper’s Eye to name a few.

-Team Booknerds

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