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The incredible lightness of being

'the incredible lightness of being' : The Incredible Lightness of Being touches upon the sweet reality of second chances. The story revolves around Dr Madhulika Desai, a gynaecologist and a YouTuber, and Anshul Verma, a successful finance professional, who are both equally unhappy in their marriages and struggling to find a way out. However, they reunite at an event, igniting a spark that awakens a sense of liberation. Deepak Kaul successfully portrays the difference between the facade presented to the outside world and the actual reality within the homes.

What makes this book stand out is its unabashed and bold take on the exploration of the sexual desires of women. Dr Madhulika Desai helps to normalise sex as a necessary part of any relationship, whether it's with a partner or with yourself. While society often tries to discourage such conversations, the story successfully advances the notion that a need for love, affection and physical connection is essential for being human.

"We chase after unattainable things and ignore the birds in hand."

It's a powerful book that urges readers to reflect upon their own lives and the need to embrace the freedom they yearn for. Overall, it's a short yet impactful story that underscores the pursuit of human happiness.

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