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Transforming journey of mind by Bimal kumar: review

The Transforming Journey of Mind: The Secret of Unfolding Divinity Experiencing the Life Within by author Bimal Kumar asks readers to look within. That is where the healing journey starts. When you understand yourself, you understand the world. Awareness is the key to everything. The book is infused with information. Readers get a chance to reflect and learn because of the slow-paced chapter. He writes, “It’s very strange but true that life automatically pushes us to go on the transformation journey in a strange way," which shows the inevitability of growth. His life experiences make the book worth reading. The main focus of this book is on self-experimentation. Look for clues and find the pattern. Expand your universe and decode yourself. That is what will lead to a transformation that applies to all individuals. The author focuses on a system-centric approach. In his view, everything is connected, even the laws of nature. The ever-present chaos and tumultuous circumstances of this world offer little to no space for peace, and transforming your mind is a constant fight for that peace and serenity.Through his vivid prose and depth of knowledge, the author shows readers a path for their growth and acts as a guiding light.

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