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We Are the Quarry, Fate is the Hunter: REVIEW

"We Are the Quarry, Fate is the Hunter" is an anecdotal narrative by husband-wife author duo Prashant and Shubhada Godbole. The book follows their adventurous journey across sea, air, and land. It's a funny, thoughtful, vibrant, and entertainment-packed read.

The first part of the book is packed with stories on sail, as author Prasad Godbole recounts his days as a sailor. The latter half is a mix of anecdotes from Shubhada and Prasad, where they share snippets of their several mundane adventures and of their daughter's journey as a pilot. These are equal parts informative and equal parts fun. A unique feature of the book is the QR codes placed in the middle of pages. These become a treasure trove of visual storylines and add authenticity to the narrative.

Humor is apparent throughout the story,

"There are two stages of sea sickness. The first is when you think you will die. The second is when you hope you will die!"

Even in dire situations, the authors strive to bring a light of hope.

While the book is largely an entertaining one, the moral values in it are also profound. While describing life on ships or in the air, authors do not provide a hunky-dory gist but rather a raw and true representation. When the authors write "The fault was never in the aircraft. It was in human greed!", they seek to bring the attention of the readers towards the utter lack of respect a human feels for individual lives and nature.

Overall, the book is a perfect light and fun read that you can finish in one sitting since the stories are that entertaining.

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