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Updated: Apr 6

TW: Rape and Violence

A fast-paced, suspense thriller, Amongst the Believers, by author Shibu Kochery spans

multiple countries and war-torn scenes to bring its readers the ultimate experience. It is a

continuation of the story from his debut book ‘Man and Dreams, in the

Dhauladhar.' 'Wonderfully original' is a term used to describe a dance in the book, but I

would use it to refer to the book itself.  


Hailing from a military background, the author has brought his expertise from the battlefield

onto the pages. The storyline is unique and different, the characters are complex and

dimensional, and the writing style is subtle yet impactful. At times, the writing did remind me

of Lee Child because of the sparse emotions used and providing information only where




Talking about the characters, the story revolves around three people, each with varied

backgrounds and heart-breaking storylines. Khusru is a terrorist on the run, Nanda is an

undercover agent, presented with a chance by RAW to start his life with a blank slate and

keep his family safe if he completes a secret mission, and Rekha is a doctor and a dancer. As

the story moves from East to West, the risk increases, action-packed scenes adorn the pages,

and betrayal lurks in every corner. Amid this chaos of twists and turns, love finds its way to

bloom, and it is beautiful to witness it unfold. The dance element in the book adds an artistic

angle to the otherwise violent storyline. 



Shibu has a consistent theme running through all his books, and this is the depiction of

flawed humans. No character is black and white; everyone has a degree of grey in them, and

it is this realistic portrayal which brings authenticity to the narrative. Rekha at one point

questions herself, is there such a thing as a good terrorist? This makes the readers ponder if

there is a degree to which a person is allowed to be evil before he is deemed a monster. In

addition to this, the fast-paced narrative perfectly complements the storyline.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoings and right doings, there is a field. I'll meet you there."



Although the fast-paced writing, at times, does make it confusing for the readers to make

sense of the timeline and all the scenes happening simultaneously. The author could have

taken time to explain the storyline better and show his characters through a more emotional

depth and perspective.  

Overall, the depth of the characters, the vivid scenes and the phenomenal writing make the

book a must-read for fans of drama, suspense and action. 

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