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Book review: Communion by Deepak Kaul

For those seeking a literary rollercoaster with a dash of existential crisis, consider 'Communion' your formal invitation to the amusement park of emotions. Deepak Kaul has written an evocative journey through the perspective of two struggling individuals. It's a tale that resonates deeply, striking a chord with some and undoubtedly relatable to others.

So grab this book for a heartwarming journey through the chaos and connection of being human.

Deepak Kaul has mastered the art of skillfully writing an emotionally heavy narrative in a concise span of a few pages. Through the perspective of two struggling individuals - Akhil and Ambica - he has woven a story that tugs on the reader's heartstrings. It is a beautiful and heart-aching story of self-discovery and the complexity of human emotions.

"Emotions never really come in measured, temperate waves. They don't work that way."

When anger and frustration begin to slip through the little cracks of your mental armoire, and the hold on them slackens, is when the calm sanctity of the mind is breached. The author aptly portrays the impact of tumultuous emotions, reflecting the challenge of managing them despite our best efforts.

"Turning on willpower always involves collateral damage."

Akhil is a well-settled man who walks the lonely road of success. As a student, he had to let go of his social circle to focus on his studies, spotlighting the high standards society places on hustle culture. Ambica is a graphic designer who manages most of her emotions in autopilot mode. From being friends who parted ways in childhood, their paths cross again later in life. They then realise that their connection is still as heartwarming and authentic as it was before.

The story thus weaves around their lives and how two fractured souls find solace in the familiarity of each other.

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