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Book review: Lockdown Rapture

'Lockdown Rapture' unfolds as a poignant exploration of the varied human experiences during the tumultuous era of Covid-19. The narrative navigates through the unique perspectives of individuals, portraying the pandemic as a catalyst for diverse personal transformations.In the tale of Kaustav, readers are immersed in the relentless world of a workaholic, whose dedication to his professional life teeters on the brink of a breakdown. From the chaos of back-to-back Zoom calls to the haphazard ratio of drinking to eating, Kaustav's journey captures the challenges of adapting to the new normal while grappling with personal well-being.Conversely, Samiksha's narrative provides a contrasting lens, depicting Covid-19 as an unexpected bestower of self-time. Through her story, readers witness the unfolding of a mindful approach to life—embracing a healthier diet, tidying up the living space, and finding solace in yoga.Despite the stark differences in their responses to the pandemic, the common thread weaving Kaustav and Samiksha together is the shared longing for human connection. From the absence of simple gestures to the awkwardness of overreactions, "Lockdown Rapture" delves into the intricacies of the human psyche during the unprecedented times of Covid-19. Through this book, Deepak Kaul captures the essence of shared experiences, offering a compelling portrayal of the myriad ways individuals navigated through the challenges and discoveries of the lockdown period.

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