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Book review: Surfacing by Deepak kaul.

Deepak Kaul's writing is candid and poignant. How he skillfully captures the characters' innermost emotions and thoughts is what I believe to be his USP.

'Surfacing' is one such story, wherein only 35 pages he enraptures the readers and doesn't let go till the very last word. It follows Meenakshi, our FMC who is undoubtedly the embodiment of every modern Indian girl.

"The mirror was Meenakshi's way of honoring herself, her figure, her womanhood."

When faced with self-criticism or manipulation she doesn't give in to the trap but comes out on top instead.

"She was going to do what it took to get to the top. She knew she had it. She was going to cut out all the drama."The characters, grounded in self-awareness, embody a profound harmony between mind and body. They easily navigate the maze of self-doubt and comparison, recognizing such notions and gracefully stepping away.

If you appreciate short stories that blend meaning with a dash of spice. Deepak Kaul's 'Surfacing' is it for you.

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