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Captivating Mystery Unveiled: A Review of 'It Was Not Gold'

'It Was Not Gold' is author Ashok Bhasin at his best. It is a captivating mystery novel that revolves around gold smuggling and the discovery of a substitution involving a consignment of gold replaced with brass.

Written with suspicious incidents and mind-blowing twists, the book keeps readers engrossed with its suspenseful plot. It is full of fleshed-out, intriguing characters, and an unexpected twist at the end. Not to mention the amount of knowledge readers can draw from the book about real police procedures.

What Are Readers Signing Up For? The book opens with the interception and seizure of a consignment of gold, which is later discovered to be a cleverly crafted replica made of brass. This substitution raises suspicion and triggers a thorough investigation led by two separate agencies. The story unfolds through the eyes of various characters involved in the gold trade, lawyers, and officers.

As the investigation progresses, the young lawyer's unusual plea before the court becomes a turning point, leading to the testing that reveals the brass substitution. The suspense continues to build as the mystery surrounding the missing gold deepens. The plot thickens with the exploration of trust, suspicion, collaboration, and deception, ultimately culminating in a surprising revelation on the last page.

What Was Done Well Engaging Suspense: The book successfully keeps readers engaged from start to finish with its skillful suspense and intrigue. The gradual unraveling of the mystery and the constant anticipation of new revelations ensure an immersive reading experience.

Intricate Plot Development: The author expertly weaves together the various threads of the plot, incorporating multiple perspectives and storylines. The intricate development of the mystery adds complexity and depth to the narrative, keeping readers guessing until the final pages.

Unique Perspective and Unconventional Thinking: The young lawyer's unconventional plea highlights the author's ability to introduce unique perspectives that lead to crucial breakthroughs in the investigation. This aspect adds a refreshing element to the story and demonstrates the author's creativity in crafting the plot.

What Could Have Been Better Character Development: While the plot is the driving force of the book, some of the characters could have been further developed to enhance the reader's connection with them. A deeper exploration of their backgrounds, motivations, and emotions would have added depth and richness to the story.

Pacing: At times, the pacing of the narrative feels uneven and the author got too immersed in technical writing. The book could benefit from a more balanced rhythm, particularly in moments where the plot slows down or during exposition-heavy sections. While I am someone who loves reading anything and everything, some readers might get turned off by the level of technicality.

This Book is Recommended For This book will appeal to readers who enjoy gripping mystery novels filled with suspense and unexpected revelations. If you are someone who doesn't mind things getting technical, then this book is sure to make you feel like you are standing right amid the crime!

Fans of detective stories and legal thrillers will particularly appreciate the intricate plot and the interplay between the various characters. "It Was Not Gold" is a captivating choice for those seeking an exciting and immersive reading experience in the realm of crime fiction.

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