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Review: Curveball

'Curveball' by Deepak Kaul is like a plunge into the messy tapestry of life—desire, deceit, and solitude all woven together.

Our protagonist, Preeti who is somewhat weary and fed up with her life, crosses paths with Nilesh, a captivating figure offering an escape from the ordinary.

"Everyone was too busy dealing with their own shit. That's life. You can't blame anyone. That's why it had hit her so hard that a relative stranger had pierced her cocoon."

Set amidst the vibrant chaos of the City of Dreams, the story follows Preeti's tumultuous ride. It provides a window into the clash between old-school values and contemporary norms in today's India. Kaul's writing is a genuine and unfiltered lens into Preeti's emotional journey, painting it with shades of darkness and humor.

"It just felt too good to be free. She wanted to yell out with relief."

This book will prompt us all to reflect on our relationships, flaws, and the hidden currents beneath our seemingly flawless lives. I found it to be a narrative that seamlessly blends laughter, tears, and a serious reconsideration of one's choices when life throws a curveball at you.

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