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Book Review: The Intentional Being

The Intentional Being by Damini Grover is a self-help book I picked up recently. While I am not someone who reads much about self-help and psychology, I was going through a rough patch in life that made me lose focus on what I wanted to do.

This book was a godsend as I read it at the perfect time. It guides readers on how to be intentional and live a purposeful life. The book emphasizes the importance of making intentional choices that lead to a fulfilling and meaningful existence.

The author uses anecdotes and real-life examples to illustrate her points. It made the book so relatable and close to home for me. I also liked how the book is accessible, and the style is engaging despite its high levels of philosophy.

What I Liked Best

One of the strengths of this book is its focus on actionable steps. The author provides concrete advice on implementing intentional practices into your daily life, such as mindfulness exercises or setting clear goals.

Every chapter ends with a short worksheet for readers to reflect on and answer. It gave me the space and scope to reflect on what I learned in the chapter and collect my thoughts before moving on. This decision was a great one which added value to the book!

The author also encourages readers to reflect on their values and priorities and to align their actions with these principles. I appreciated the emphasis on self-compassion as the author encourages readers to be kind to themselves as they navigate this process.

What Could Have Been Better

One area where The Intentional Being could have been stronger is in its breadth of topics. While the book covers a range of intentional practices, such as gratitude and self-reflection, it does not delve deeply into any particular area. I felt the author could have made the book an entire series covering one pain point at a time in depth.

That said, I found the book to be a helpful reminder of the importance of intentional living. The book is short, and I was surprised by how much value the author packed into less than a couple hundred pages!

How I Implemented These Ideas in My Life

Since reading the book, I have consciously incorporated mindfulness into my daily routine. Yes, I have noticed a positive impact on my overall well-being by making active changes! I was able to focus on improving myself while enhancing my relationships with friends and family. I learned to live for myself and noticed when others' ideas were shoved on me. Most importantly, I learned to trust the process and work toward living intentionally.

I began to ask myself why I wish to do certain things and what more I could do. This helped me find good solutions and not act in haste or without intention. And the best part was how easily I could incorporate these decisions into my life owing to the simple roadmap the author provided.

The Best Audience For This Book

The Intentional Being is a valuable resource for anyone looking to live a more purposeful life. The book is well-written and engaging and provides actionable advice that readers can implement immediately.

I would recommend it to anyone interested in personal growth, mindfulness, or self-improvement. Be sure to pick up this book if you wish to notice changes in the second half of the year! I am sure it would be a refreshing addition to your bookshelf.

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